5 Home Staging Tips to Sell your House Fast

Are you in the midst of putting your house up for sale? The realty process can be lengthy, especially if special care isn’t taken to ensure a potential buyer can picture themselves living in your space. First, take a deep breath! Second, remember patience is a virtue. Third, don’t underestimate the power of staging your home for a fast sale! Clean rooms and special little touches can do wonders for slapping a sold sign out front. Need advice on ensuring your property is top-notch? Here’s 5 great tips on successful staging:

First Impressions are Key

Remember, this is likely the first time real estate seekers are viewing your home in person and have probably already reviewed your property using MLS. While pictures are technically the potential buyer’s first impression (and yes, it’s important to have quality photos as well), seeing the house in person is completely different. You want to WOW them as soon as they step out of their vehicle. As someone who once invested in property yourself, you definitely understand the power of a first impression. Ensure your front porch or walkway is up to par by investing in nice patio furniture and weeding out the garden. A little goes a long way in giving off the vibe of an inviting place to live.

A Clean Living Area is Important

No one wants to buy a dirty house, so the advice is simple: The first thing you should do before people come over is to clean every single room. Along with cleaning, make sure you clear out the clutter too. A space that’s full of junk isn’t nice to look at and can hurt your chances of closing the sale. However, this is where it gets tricky… You don’t want to go overboard either! A space that looks a little too clear & clean can confuse the seeker into thinking your house feels cold and uninviting. Try creating a “lived-in” feel using warm touches such as a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter or a throw blanket over the living-room couch.

Maximize Awkward Space

Adding value to each living area will help in a person’s decision to buy. You’ll want to show how someone can effectively use awkward space so they don’t put it on the cons list when making a decision. Show how a spare room can double up as both overnight accommodations for guests as well as a personal office by adding a small desk and stool alongside a bed. Have a tiny kitchen with door openings in every direction? Use a round table and place it as close to a wall as possible. Avoid rectangular dining tables at all costs as it will look clunky and cluttered. Maximizing awkward space is all about placing the right furniture and accents strategically so this is where further research will come in handy!

Details Matter

Wondering what you need to do before an open house? Whether you have a hole in your hallway’s drywall or a small scratch to the kitchen paint, it’s a smart idea to repair any and all issues, no matter how small or big. Details matter, so if you have a leaky toilet, need to re-caulk the tub, or have a burnt out lightbulb in the dining room, do yourself (and your sale) a favor: fix them.

Accents are a Nice Touch

Fresh and simple accents are a nice way to make an area feel warm and inviting. Try picking up some colourful flowers for the kitchen or replacing the couch’s throw pillows with something brighter. And don’t forget about the seasons! If it’s autumn, put some decorative pumpkins on the coffee table! If it’s Christmas, invest in some festive towels for the kitchen and bath area. Accents can do wonders in creating a comfortable, yet stylish feel.

Looking for effective ways on how to sell your home? Staging strategically is a great way for the buyer to understand what life would be like in the property. The next step? Finding a REALTOR® you can trust to help you sell and invest in a city you’re comfortable in. Trusted Real Estate is here to help you make an informed decision. We offer real estate services in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia in thriving cities like Barrie, Penticton, and Okotoks. The cities may be different but our agents all have one thing in common: they’re dedicated to serving you with patience and integrity. Selling and buying realty starts with us. Take a look at our unique city home-pages and see what makes that particular town special. Already know where you’re looking to sell and invest in? Contact one of our informed real estate experts to get started.