Things you Should Definitely Care About when Deciding Where to Live

People often think that moving away from home is too risky or maybe it’s the opposite: they figure that relocating to a big city is the only option. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: moving anywhere you want in Canada is possible too! In fact, deciding where to settle down and being more “choosey” about it comes with plenty of benefits. So instead of settling on where you assume is the best place, do your research! The fulfillment will be worth it when you’re not struggling to make ends meet.


If you’re wondering what the Canadian economy is currently like, experts say it’s looking bleak. That’s why it’s more important than ever to do your research on where you should live in Canada and what to expect from the economy in certain communities. The last thing you want is to move blindly only to realize you can’t find a job and the city is unaffordable. Look for locations with a strong economy, a healthy job market, and affordable real estate. Life will be much easier this way!


Whether you’re a sun-worshipper who would prefer places with excellent beaches or a snow-bunny who would rather be near some of the best ski hills in Canada, weather plays a big role in our personal fulfillment. Before packing up your things, remember you can move somewhere that provides the weather you want. If you feel depressed under cloudy weather, can’t stand a cold climate for long periods of time, or despise the heat, it’s certainly worth looking up weather patterns in Canadian cities before moving there.

Lifestyle & Culture

Residing in a city that provides us with the lifestyle & culture opportunities we enjoy often plays a massive role in our happiness. Would you prefer to live in a community where diversity is celebrated? A place where the arts like theatre, music or art galleries are heavily present? Where culture is honoured through ethnic food and festivals? Only you can decide what’s most important for a city to offer and guess what? You have the ability to research it! Make sure you do.

Housing Market

The Canadian housing market is at risk. You read the news! When wondering what you can do as a tax-payer or home-owner, there is hope. Moneysense wrote an article talking about what to do if there’s a potential housing crash, and their answer? To be a more responsible consumer. Investing in real estate is still a smart decision as long as you do it right. Research locations that offer strong housing markets in Canada and places that continue to provide opportunity for increasing the value of your home if you do decide to purchase property.

Seriously considering a re-location? Now more than ever is important to do your research! You should care about where to invest your time and money but we understand this is an overwhelming decision. Trusted Real Estate is here to help you make an informed decision. We provide real estate opportunities in cities that are growing and thriving like Okotoks and Nelson. Places like Penticton are sunny and warm and boasts a strong economy and Barrie is filled with millennials who appreciate a vibrant nightlife paired with ample outdoor opportunities. Take a look at our city home-pages and see what makes that particular town special. Our agents dedicated to that location will help provide you with the information you need on what may be the biggest decision you’ll ever make.