Things to Consider when Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a home comes with many fabulous rewards! However, with the multiple real estate options found in the city, using an MLS service to find your new home could help you feel less overwhelmed by all of the variety. Are you ready to seriously begin your house hunt? Here are a few things to consider before signing any papers:

Can you Afford it?

There’s an endless debate about whether or not buying a house is cheaper than renting. While this may be the case on a month to month basis, owning property is more than just paying a mortgage. For example, if you have a ceiling leak or a running toilet, the money for home repairs comes out of your own pocket rather than a landlord’s. You also have to remember that you’re also responsible for paying house insurance, property tax, and utility costs. Before investing in real estate, make sure that you’ll be able to afford it.


Once you’ve ensured owning buying property will be affordable, do your research with websites dedicated to that city or town to learn about desirable communities suitable for your household. Look into city crime rates to see whether the house you have your eye on is located in a safe area. Take a drive during rush hour to see if traffic is problematic. If you want your kids to have nearby schools or neighbourhood parks, find out where and how far away they are. With all of these factors in mind, ensure you do your research about whether or not your new investment will be located in an acceptable location before purchasing the home.

Take your Time

Buying real estate is likely to be the largest purchase you’ll make in your life so when searching through property listings, it’s important to be patient and take your time. If you have a checklist filled with “must haves” for your new house, try to find one that closely meets your criteria. While you may not find a perfect match, you also want to be careful if you’re considering an option that doesn’t come with anything on your original list. With that being said, don’t give in to pressure from other parties like family members or real estate agents. You want to feel satisfied with your purchase. Remember, there are plenty of listings to choose from!