3 Very Good Reasons to Downsize to a Condo

Trading a single-family home for the convenience of a condo? An increasing number of baby-boomers are turning towards the simple lifestyle of a condominium, and for good reason! If you’re thinking about downsizing, we understand that oftentimes, it’s difficult to give up your large family home. However, sometimes accepting that the responsibilities of a house-owner have simply become too much and it may be necessary to trade in the stress of roof maintenance and landscaping for a quieter, simpler life. Here’s 3 great reasons to downsize:

(Usually) in Close Proximity to Amenities

Perhaps your large family house along the country-side or suburban streets has given you beautiful memories over the years but once you start getting older, making that long drive into town to get groceries can be a real hassle. Usually, condos are kept in convenient locations close to amenities like grocery stores, banks, restaurants and shopping. No more driving through bad winter road conditions just to get groceries on a Sunday, because when you’re living in a beautiful new city home, everything you need is usually within walking distance or just a short drive away.

Eliminates Responsibilities

While it may be difficult to admit, as we get older, tackling household responsibilities like mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway, or clearing out the gutters becomes increasingly more challenging. By relocating into a nicely sized attached-dwelling, we no longer have to worry about landscaping or property maintenance. And for those who enjoy the responsibilities of a home-owner, perhaps now could be the time to engage in other hobbies you’ve always felt interested in but never had the time for. Who knows? Maybe this new stress-free lifestyle is the one you’ve always needed!

Increases Sense of Community

Many 50+ condos understand that new complex residents are giving up many time-occupying responsibilities and now have extra time on their hands. This is why you can usually find a multi-purpose room inside the condominium (usually by the lobby), used for private parties put on by residents or different events held by the building itself. Many different public speaking, music and other entertainment events are put on in multi-purpose rooms and complex residents are always encouraged to join in which really helps to increase their sense of community.

Whether you’re looking to purchase an attached-home in Barrie, Penticton, Nelson, or Okotoks, selling your single-family home and investing in a stress-free lifestyle of smaller living might just be “the thing” you never knew you needed. From community events, easier access to amenities, and less exhausting home responsibilities, more and more baby-boomers are investing in the sweet lifestyle of condominium living! Find out more by contacting a local agent in a community of your choice.