The Condominium Market in Vernon and What to Know Before Buying

What is a Condo?

So you’ve decided that Vernon is the right city for you. That’s an excellent choice. A place that has beautiful surroundings, gentle climate and clean environment cannot be missed and you can find it all here. Now you only have to choose the type of property you want to live in. It may look like it’s simple, but there are some elements that need to be considered.

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The Advantages of Living in a Condo

Owning a condo offers fantastic advantages. You can enjoy great amenities such as a pool and gym, without paying a fortune. The security is high and the maintenance costs are low since being shared by the community of owners. There are some monthly fees to be paid, but the shared maintenance costs (and, sometimes, part of the insurance costs) are being taken care of by the strata council.

Great Amenities


Low Maintenance

Which One is the Best for You?

This is one question you should really think about before making a decision. Is being independent very important to you? Then maybe a condo isn’t the best option. If low maintenance costs and other benefits such as nice amenities and living in a community sounds good, then you can consider it.

Also, remember that your future decisions will be based on some rules. If you want to get yourself a pet, you have to see if the strata allow owners to have them. Thinking about maybe renting the place sometimes in the future? There may be some restrictions about that as well so ask our real estate agents about it.

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Get the Right Help

It’s difficult to decide by yourself, especially when you’re not familiar with what being a condo owner means. That is why you should schedule an appointment with us.

We, at Trusted Vernon Real Estate, are ready to answer all your questions. Our trained REALTORS® are amazing professionals who have your best interest in their minds. The experience we have in this field represents is of great help for our customers. Contact us and discover the house of your dreams at a dreamy price.


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