The Condo Market in Penticton and What to Know Before Buying

Is Penticton the Right City?

The name of this South Okanagan city also means “a place to stay forever” and if you have already spent some time here you know why. People are attracted to this town due to its mild climate, clean environment and great quality of life overall. Add to that the incredible scenery and plenty of leisure activities and you have the perfect combination.

Being situated between two lakes and the highlands and mountains, Penticton offers a vast range of outdoor activities such as hiking, windsurfing, swimming, boating, rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding. For the lovers of a more urban atmosphere, the art scene is also developed. They can visit museums and galleries, go to concerts or the theater. So, since it offers everything someone could want, we can say it’s a city for everyone.

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New Home Construction

The Perks of Building a Home

Buying a house can save you a lot of time. But what if, after searching for a while, you didn’t find the perfect one for you? You can buy a lot and do it yourself. The real estate market is offering enough for you to find the place where your house will be.

There are many advantages when building. The result can be exactly what you wished for. You can choose the materials so you will know that they are good quality and long lasting. You can choose the shape and size. It’s also a money-saving solution since you can select the level of energy-efficiency and how much you want to spend on every material and item. If you’re pro-green solutions, you can save money by buying recycled materials that are also high-quality.

Lots Sold in 2015
$37701 SQF
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Investment for the Future

Buying a lot represents an investment for the future. Building your own house is cost-efficient and, in the end, you will realize you’ve spent less than in the case of buying an already built home. Over time, the price of the house will grow, so, if you decide to sell it, you will realize that its value has increased. Also, a newly built house is longer lasting and doesn’t need retouches.